Sonntag, 27. September 2015

Application Datapool Manager was extended by OpenUI5 based client

In addition to the fully featured Java client we now also added an HTML5 based client for our demo application "Datapool Manager". This client allows the user to view and edit data within some defined data structure within the browser:

The client internally adapts its layout to the physical device of the screen - i.e. it renders differently when being started on a mobile device:

Regards, Björn

Montag, 21. September 2015

Take a look - Open UI5 based Workplace with CaptainCasa

Take a look - we published a demo workplace utilizing the SAP/Open UI5 components that are part of CaptainCasa Enteprise Client in the meantime.

The demo is available here.

Regards, Björn

Montag, 7. September 2015

Demo Application: Datapool Manager - Sharing loosely structured data

For internal communication between ourselves and our users/customers we wrote an application "Datapool Manager" - allowing to define spreadsheet-like data to be shared across users belonging to different organizations. Possible purposes are:
  • Task lists
  • Collection of any information / analysis result
    • list
    • ...requirements list
    • ...list of attendees
...the tpyical issues where you are used to defining a central Excel file and share it "somehow".

Items are tracked (who changed what?), attachments can be added in a simple way and users can discuss / add comments on items.

The client is an FX based program. The server side is a Tomcat server.

Take a look:


Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2015

Post processing of panoarama photos - FX based tool "Horizon Straightener"

...well, this is some private project - but you may use the results, if you like what I am doing here. (Terms of use: just use it!)

You may stitch certain photos to form a panorama using software like e.g. Microsoft ICE (Image Composite Editor). There are other tools available, search the Internet for "stitch panorama"... The result of stitching quite often is a panorama, in which the horizon is not perfectly straight. The effort you then have to spend to straighten the horizon is always quite some hell.

This was the reason, why I wrote a JavaFX based tool to simplify this process.

Before - after straightening Screenshot

In the tool you can draw a new horizon line in a simple way - the whole image will be re-arranged using this new horizon line.

Please feel free to use the tool, if you want to use it. Installation is available here:

Some documentation is available here:

The tool comes as .exe-setup program for Windows. The default installation location is your user's local directory. Please do NOT install it in Windows/Program Files! The installation contains "everything" that is required to run the tool (including the Java runtime).

Forgive me for not providing a MaxOS installer yet - it's just my lazyness...

Montag, 15. Dezember 2014

Mittwoch, 19. November 2014

10th CaptainCasa Community Meeting - Dec 11, 2014 in Heidelberg

The 10th community meeting is scheduled for Dec 11 (Thursday). The meeting is held close to Heidelberg, details are available via

The meeting's agenda includes:
  • JavaFX status quo
  • CaptainCasa Enterprise Client on JavaFX - customer scenarios
  • CaptainCasa Enterprise Client - news
  • Developing for mobile devices - SAPUI5/OpenUI5 as option?
As usual there is one presentation which has nothing to do at all with rich client technology issues: "Industry 4.0 - ...below the buzzwords".

Interested in CaptainCasa / JavaFX / Rich Client Frameworks? - Feel free to register by mail to

CaptainCasa Enterpise Client is a community based rich client framework for Business Applications (

Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2014

10th Community Meeting on Dec 11 2014

The date for this year's community meeting is selected: Thursday Dec 11 2014.

And the location is selected as well: this year we will use a very nice conference room in Mannheim. The evening event the day before will of course be as usual in Heidelberg!

More details will be published in the next days.